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5 Wrestling Moves that are Not finishers, But Still Better Than Attitude Adjustment

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John Cena is arguably the best wrestler of the modern era. Having won 16 world championship titles, he has proved his worth in the wrestling industry.

He has been the top guy in this industry for more than 10 years and has performed excellently well in the merchandise sales too. He has been the face of the company in the PG era.

He is the most favourite superstar of children of those countries where kayfabe still exists, but according to most of the wrestling experts and observers (which are in millions now), he lacks a flashy finisher. AA is neither convincing not flashy.

The impact of finishing move of a guy like John Cena should be like that of Tombstone Piledriver, 'Go to Sleep' etc. but unfortunately his finisher AA is nothing but a fisherman drop off the shoulders.

So, today let us talk about those moves which are not used as finishers yet have more impact than the Attitude Adjustment move.

5. Gorilla press drop: Ultimate Warrior, Sheamus, Cesaro, Big Show, Ryback

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When you compare this move performed by Big Show with John Cena's AA, you will find that the height Big Show posses give it more impact plus the face of opponent hitting the mat makes it brutal to the eyes.

When John Cena performs the 'Attitude Adjustment', he drops them off from approximately 6 feet in height. On the other hand, Big Show lifts his opponent over his head stretching both of his hands full, gaining 8 to 9 feet height and drops him all of sudden.

The other most interesting point to be noted is that Attitude Adjustment by Cena makes the opponent to land on his back whereas the Gorilla Press drop is reverse of that, giving a broken nose feel to the opponent. So this move is clearly better than AA of John Cena.

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