5 Wrestling traits that transfer to Hollywood Action Movies

Roman Reigns and The Rock!
Roman Reigns and The Rock!
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Modified 04 May 2021
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When Vince McMahon took charge of the WWE, he was described as a visionary. The description aptly suits him in hindsight considering the strides the business has taken under his dynamic leadership.

Mr McMahon extended the tentacles of the WWE beyond just the ring and partnered with the NFL, Hollywood and other relevant industries to keep his product relevant. This has led to a lot of crossovers between industries and most notably, the WWE got a global exposure.

Isolating Hollywood alone, the WWE has made the most of its partnership with the cinema industry. Given the dramatic nature of professional wrestling, it is no surprise that many memorable wrestlers have made the transition to action movies. Although wrestling and movies may seem markedly different at first glance, they place similar demands on performers.

As a result, the big screen is littered with crossover performers: "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, John Cena, Dwayne Johnson, and Hulk Hogan. Wrestlers that make a successful career in the film have mastered the abilities that are required of both movies and choreographed fighting.

Here are 5 Wrestling Traits That Transfer to Movies:

#5: Dramatic Abilities

The Rock transferred his acting skills to Movies!
The Rock transferred his acting skills to Movies!

By nature, professional wrestling is a dramatic spectacle. Wrestlers are required to create a character and build it throughout their careers. Many develop catch phrases, create signature moves and wear special costumes in support of their characters. Many wrestlers are known as much for their performing abilities as for their skill in the ring. When they transition to action movies, wrestlers are often able to perform physically without falling out of character.

Action movie characters are often less nuanced than roles in other genres; wrestlers, with their over-the-top acting style, are particularly well suited to the action genre. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is a notable example. After building a popular in-ring character, he parlayed his acting abilities into a lucrative film and television career. With movies like "The Rundown" and "Fast & Furious," he worked elements of his wrestling persona into the on-screen character.

#4: Audience Curiosity

Hogan in Mr. Nanny!
Hogan in Mr. Nanny!

In professional wrestling, the performers are larger-than-life. Their in-ring personas are big and dramatic, unlike anything the audience would see in their everyday activities. The spectacle of a wrestler playing a more realistic character sparks curiosity in moviegoers. It is a natural formula for both action and comedy, as evidenced by Hulk Hogan's performances in "Mr. Nanny" and "Thunder in Paradise."

Action movies give wrestlers the chance to show off their physical abilities and their acting skills, and audiences get to see their favorite performers in an unexpected setting.

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Published 04 May 2021
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