5 WWE Attitude Era Superstars you forgot you used to love

The Attitude Era was packed full of talented superstars
The Attitude Era was packed full of talented superstars
Matty Paddock
Modified 18 May 2020
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The WWE Attitude Era has, it is safe to say, stood the test of time as one of the most iconic periods in wrestling history.

As one of the boom periods in sports entertainment, the Attitude Era did, in the eyes of many, even eclipsed the Rock n' Wrestling Era that saw Hulk Hogan bring professional wrestling into the mainstream, and the global entertainment spotlight.

WWE: Remembering the Attitude Era and its stars

Though there is some debate as to when the Attitude Era officially began, it is easy to trace its roots back to 1997 - the year in which Stone Cold Steve Austin started building a head of steam, Bret Hart was controversially beaten in his homeland of Canada, and Shawn Michaels and Triple H formed D-Generation X, the most controversial faction in WWE history.

The Superstars and rivalries of the Attitude Era have lasted long in the memory of many fans. Austin's feud with Vince McMahon might just be beyond compare. The Rock began to blossom into one of the most charasmatic performers on the roster. Undertaker's battles with his 'brother', Kane, left fans in awe, and just how Mick Foley managed to keep up with his many and various characters is anybody's guess!

Despite all of that, though, there were still countless of other Attitude Era Superstars that proved popular, without necessarily being the first names you think of when you look back at that time in wrestling.

Some were main eventers, some opened the show, some only just about made the show - but they all had their moments. Here, we take a look at a handful of WWE Attitude Era stars that you totally forgot you loved...

#5 The Headbangers

The Headbangers
The Headbangers

Mosh and Thrasher were The Headbangers, a tag team who debuted in WWE at the tail end of 1996, before starting to find prominance at the start of the Attitude Era the following year.

The Headbangers weren't exactly the dominant tag team of their day - that title would probably have to go to The New Age Outlaws.

However, that isn't to say that they didn't enjoy some success. They featured at WrestleMania 13 in Chicago and, a few months later, actually became WWE tag team champions thanks to a victory in a fatal four-way match at Ground Zero. The night saw them celebrate wildly in amongst the crowd at the arena, but the celebrations were cut short, given they lost the titles a month later.

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Published 18 May 2020
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