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5 WWE Champions that didn't like each other in real-life

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These former WWE Champions didn't like each other in real life
These former WWE Champions didn't like each other in real life

The WWE has witnessed several elite performers compete under its promotional banner--with only a select few cream-of-the-crop Superstars being accorded the honor of holding the WWE Championship. Now, it's no secret that much like any other business, cordial relations with one's co-workers is of paramount importance in professional wrestling.

In connection with the same, it's a recognized fact that most main-event performers in the WWE or any other pro-wrestling organization for that matter are generally booked in the all-important headlining spots provided that they have a respectable track record of successfully working with their fellow wrestlers. However, at times, the clash of egos, creative differences as well as several other factors may lead to the forenamed headlining wrestlers disagreeing with and perhaps disliking their co-performers.

Bear in mind that while the illustrious list of gentlemen who've held the WWE Championship have, for the better part, been considered as thorough professionals--these Superstars often butt heads with one another over multiple factors. Except the obvious pair of Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels--who undoubtedly shared a ton of real-life heat with each other--today, we are going to be looking at five other pairs of former WWE Champions that didn't like each other in real life...

#5 Randy Orton and CM Punk

Randy Orton and CM Punk seem to have real-life heat dating back to Punk's stint in WWE
Randy Orton and CM Punk seem to have real-life heat dating back to Punk's stint in WWE

Both Randy Orton and CM Punk enjoyed a tremendous amount of success--representing the WWE as its top stars during the PG era alongside the likes of John Cena and Daniel Bryan. However, while Orton continues performing as a top-tier Superstar for the company today, Punk unceremoniously exited the WWE back in 2014.

Speaking to Sam Roberts in an appearance on the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast, Randy Orton notably recalled CM Punk's backstage demeanor during their time together in WWE. Orton explained--"Punk likes to be upset about sh**. That's his thing, is to always have a chip on his shoulder." Notwithstanding, Orton also revealed to Roberts that Punk is great on the microphone as well as in the ring.

Moreover, The Viper emphasized the fact that Punk seemed to have his inner demons--whilst also joking that the latter may be a pretty "f***ed up", considering that Punk has never had a glass of alcohol in his life. Orton concurred that Punk depended on a sort of rage to keep him going--which could have led to the "Voice of the Voiceless" always being upset about things backstage in the company.

Punk, on his part, took a jab at Orton last year--retweeting then-indie talent Ricochet, and siding with the majority of indie wrestlers in their online exchanges against Orton. This transpired after the latter had mocked them for their 'Dives' and spot-heavy style of wrestling, while also taking a jab at their paychecks...

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