5 WWE dads that were totally fake

Who's he?
Who's he?

#1 Lil Naitch and Ric Flair

He is actually a referee
He is actually a referee

Ric Flair is one of the most amazing wrestlers of all time. He is widely famous for his wrestling style. His daughter Charlotte has also made a name for herself in the WWE and is enjoying tremendous success in the company.

Everyone knows this, right?

But what we don’t know is that Ric once had a doppelganger named "Little Naitch" in WCW. What’s more interesting is that almost every fan would think that Little Naitch was Flair's son because of how similar the two of them looked at the time.

However, the truth is that Little Naitch's real name is Charles Robinson. Robinson is a big fan of Flair, and he modeled himself to look exactly like the 2-time Hall Of Famer. The WCW used Charles in multiple storylines involving Ric Flair.

In case Charles' face seems familiar, it is because you have seen him multiple times in a squared circle in a different capacity. He is a tenured WWE referee who has been associated with the company for over two decades.

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