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5 WWE female Superstars' gimmicks that were cancelled

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Will C J Perry aka Lana ever get a proper gimmick?
Lana is a throwback to the old 'glitz and glamour' gimmicks of the past

Pro-wrestling has come a long way from those times when a gimmick was necessary for a performer and the wrestlers were comparable to circus acts.

Native Americans, hostile foreigners, demented heels and supernatural personas have all ruled the roost in the past before wrestlers embraced a toned up version of their real selfs in the ring.

Women's division in the WWE remained in the old 'bra and panties' state for another decade or so before the focus shifted to the action inside the ring. The glitz and glamour gimmick did work on certain female wrestlers like Torrie Wilson and more recently, Lana, but the issue was that every Diva for more than 20 years was expected to follow the same gimmick -- except for a few behemoths like Jazz and Beth Phoenix who took up the monster heel gimmick.

The scene has become quite better in recent years with the likes of AJ Lee and Bayley breaking down the strictly glamour-based definition of a WWE female wrestler.

But even after the quality of women's wrestling became high, many wrestlers were still saddled with horrible gimmicks that were eventually scrapped.

This list takes a look at five cancelled gimmicks for WWE female wrestlers in recent times.

#1 Female Shield

Female Shield never materialised
Female Shield never materialised

The Shield has been one of the most memorable stables of recent times. WWE did it by the book in introducing Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins, and building them into main event stars.

Dominant as a unit, The Shield were broken up at the right time and just over a year later, the three had claimed WWE Championships.

The impact of the Shield was so great that during the early stages of its inception, WWE wanted to try the same idea in the Women's division in NXT.

Paige, Summer Rae and former developmental talent Anya were supposed to be the female version of the Shield, who were to dish out 'justice'. They even cut a promo for the same in 2013.

If Summer Rae's expressions in the promo are anything to go by, it seems all the better that the female version never saw the light of day. It would have been cool to see Paige in such a group, though.

The concept never went beyond that promo as Anya broke her arm during training and was released shortly after.

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