5 Female WWE Superstars who have pinned their male counterparts

Jacqueline and Triple H
Jacqueline and Triple H

#1. WWE Hall of Famer Chyna pinned Triple H

Chyna defeated Triple H
Chyna defeated Triple H

Chyna was one of the biggest pioneers of the WWE women's division, unafraid to take on any superstar, either male or female. One of her most recognizable opponents was Triple H.

Triple H and Chyna shared a long history inside and outside the WWE ring. They were members of D-Generation X while being in a real-life romantic relationship. However, both of them were not always on the same side when it came to in-ring competition. The former allies squared off in two one-on-one televised matches.

Triple H and Chyna's clash on Sunday Night Heat in February 1999 ended via no-contest. Later that year, it was their match on RAW in August that mattered the most, as the two stars competed in a number one contender’s bout for the WWE Championship.

Both stars exchanged control over the match before Chyna threw Triple H outside the ring.

As she distracted the referee, Mankind interfered and hit The Cerebral Assassin with the steel steps, allowing Chyna to pin her opponent for the victory.

Following that match, Chyna and Triple H never fought each other again in a WWE ring.

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