Predicting the next 5 WWE Hall of Fame headliners

WWE's Hall of Fame is gaining more respect from the community with each passing year
WWE's Hall of Fame is gaining more respect from the community with each passing year
Harry Kettle

With the road to WrestleMania 34 officially getting underway in just a few weeks time, the announcements for WWE's 2018 Hall of Fame class have already begun. We already know that Goldberg is going to be the headline act in New Orleans, but beyond that, nobody else has been announced as of yet.

While it’ll be interesting to discover who’ll join him, we want to focus on the future – and more importantly, we want to try and predict who will headline the HOF for the next five years beyond 2018.

That may seem like a fairly simple task given some of the names that haven’t been inducted yet, but a lot of it comes down to timing. Some guys may still feel like they’ve got one more run left in them meanwhile others just don't want the spotlight, but either way, WWE usually gets their guy more often than not.

So with that being said, here are our predictions for the next 5 WWE Hall of Fame headliners.

2019 – The Undertaker

Taker's retirement is coming
Taker's retirement is coming

It’s no secret that The Undertaker’s legendary career has all but come to an end, with his WrestleMania 33 main event bout seemingly indicating that he was closing the book on his days as an in-ring performer. Now, however, it seems as if one more match in New Orleans could be on the cards for The Phenom.

That makes sense given that Goldberg has been announced as this year’s Hall of Fame headliner, with many fans believing that Taker will be inducted into the HOF the year after his final match.

So then, why not finally put The Deadman into the Hall twelve months after he inevitably loses to John Cena at the Superdome?

2020 – Batista

Batista deserves a great send-off
Batista deserves a great send-off

The Animal wasn’t exactly treated all that well during his last run with the company in 2014, and even though he had some good matches during that stretch, we feel as if WWE still needs to make amends. Because of that, we can foresee a scenario where Big Dave goes on one final run to end his career, ending with a retirement match at WrestleMania 35.

Then, during WM36 weekend, fans from around the world are able to celebrate the legendary WWE tenure of Batista as he gets inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

It’d be a fantastic final chapter for a guy who gave his blood, sweat and tears to the business and given his success outside of the ring, it’s a smart move all around.

2021 – Vince McMahon

Vince's speech would be iconic
Vince's speech would be iconic

Vince McMahon is the godfather of World Wrestling Entertainment, and in many ways, the company’s soul lives and dies with the boss. He is the one person who has built this universe around him, and now, WWE is a billion dollar product that can be seen in every corner of the globe on a day to day basis. That, in itself, is an extraordinary achievement.

Which is why Vinnie Mac deserves to be recognised for it. In 2021, Vince will be 75 years of age, and it’s fair to say that he’s not getting any younger.

He puts himself through a great deal of stress on a regular basis and it’d be great to give him one night where he can sit back, relax, and talk about all of his accomplishments in front of thousands of his peers and fans.

2022 – The Rock

The Great One has done it all
The Great One has done it all

The Rock is arguably the most successful professional wrestler of all time, especially when you take his achievements outside of the ring into account as well. He’s been able to transform himself on more than one occasion, and despite many fans believing that he’s past his best in terms of his mic work, it’s still great to see him pop up from time to time.

When 2022 rolls around The Great One will be on the verge of entering his 50s, and while that’s not exactly ancient in the pro wrestling business, he’ll certainly be thinking about confirming his retirement if he hasn’t done so already.

With that in mind, it’d make all the sense in the world for him to hang up his boots at the Hall of Fame ceremony.

Who knows, perhaps it’ll even be in Miami that year.

2023 – Triple H

The Game is guaranteed to be a multiple time inductee
The Game is guaranteed to be a multiple time inductee

Not only is Triple H a multiple time world champion, but he’s also the heir to the WWE throne and everyone knows it. Whenever Vince decides to take a step back it’s going to be The Game that moves up into his position, and while some fans may not like that, it’ll certainly be a fascinating and exciting time for the WWE Universe.

Given that it probably won’t happen for a few years, we’re thinking that the company should hold off on HHH’s induction into the Hall of Fame until he’s all but definitely retired from in-ring competition.

Once we hit 2023 he’ll be 53 years old, and at that stage, all that’ll be left for him to do is enter the Hall and continue to guide WWE forward into a brighter tomorrow.

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