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WWE Hell in a Cell 2017: 5 biggest mistakes from the show

Riju Dasgupta
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As good as the show was, it wasn't perfect at all
As good as the show was, it wasn't perfect at all

We must admit that when we first watched Hell in a Cell, live on the WWE Network, we were quite entertained. However, with the benefit of hindsight, one tends to look back and nitpick at certain aspects of the big pay-per-view.

And when one does so, certain thoughts come to mind. As good as the show was, it was far from perfect, really. The show had its moments but it also had its many disappointments. For your benefit, we shall list five of them down below.

Please understand that this list is just an opinion piece. There is no right or wrong when one looks at a subject as subjective as sports entertainment.

Let's begin with a man who has been described as the opposite of King Midas by certain wrestling fans.

#5 Baron Corbin becomes the United States Champion

Will Corbin be able to achieve what Styles could not?
Will Corbin be able to achieve what Styles could not?

The United States Championship seemed like it would be elevated under the reign of AJ Styles, who brought back the US Open Challenge to SmackDown Live. While the program began in the right manner, with some explosive matches, unfortunately, it devolved into a program with Baron Corbin.

Corbin looks like he has all the tools to become the US Champion. He has the size, the physique and a sneer that could make young kids cry. However, his inexperience is reflected in his matches, and unlike another big man named Braun Strowman, Corbin has not improved by leaps and bounds.

Now that Corbin is the United States Champion, we really wonder if he will elevate anyone who works with him. Yes, it does free AJ Styles up for bigger and better things, but as for the mid-card championship, has WWE taken a step back?

He's not been able to have good matches with AJ Styles, Nakamura and even Sami Zayn, who are three of the best in-ring workers in the world. Unless he improves dramatically, he will always be a step behind the rest of the SmackDown Live roster. Let's hope he steps up his game and shows us his pizzazz.

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