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5 WWE legends who once had terrible gimmicks 

Thomas Lowson
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Rocky Maivia failed to connect with fans.
Rocky Maivia failed to connect with fans.

In Professional Wrestling, a gimmick can often make or break a wrestler.

Whilst some wacky gimmicks have worked thanks to the right competitor (looking at you Undertaker!), a bad character can often have disastrous consequences for the person behind the costume.

There's a reason why Adam Bomb, the Shockmaster, Mordecai and Eugene were never World Champions.

But for some WWE legends, even they weren't able to escape having a terrible character early into their careers.

Whilst these gimmicks could've easily sunk the Superstar, everyone on this list was able to adapt and overcome their terrible characters, leaving it in the dust, and went on to become some of the biggest stars in all of wrestling history.

Here are five WWE legends who once had terrible characters, but were able to get through them and into the promise land.

#5: Kevin Nash - The Great and Powerful Oz

Shockingly, neon green wasn't threatening.
Shockingly, neon green wasn't threatening.

In the WWF, Diesel was the epitome of 90s cool, rocking sunglasses, leather jackets, and a year-long reign as the WWF Champion from 1994-1995.

But before reaching Vince McMahon, Kevin Nash worked as Oz, a clear reference to the titular character from The Wizard of Oz.


Decked entirely in green, Oz wouldn't show the same kindness shown by his namesake in L. Frank Baum's classic, as Nash would decimate his opponents without showing any heart.

The gimmick didn't last long (perhaps because no-one believed a wizard would come to WCW), and Nash would become Vinnie Vegas, which didn't do much better.

Hoping to leave the company, Nash told then producer Ole Anderson that he couldn't take wrestling anymore, and was granted an early release after telling folks he wanted to return to bouncing.

Within months, Nash would debut in the WWF as Diesel.

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