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5 WWE Legends you didn't know have wrestling cousins

WWE Legends CM Punk and Batista
WWE Legends CM Punk and Batista
Ahmed Hamdy
Modified 08 Apr 2021
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WWE has had its fair share of wrestling families over the decades. The McMahons, The Flairs and The Ortons are a few examples. WWE has had fathers, sons, siblings and cousins compete in its ring.

WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns and The Usos are currently the most famous cousins in WWE. Reigns and The Usos have accomplished a lot in the squared circle. They are now working together on SmackDown.

Unlike Reigns and The Usos, other WWE Superstars did not get the chance to work in the WWE ring with their cousins despite them being wrestlers. These WWE Superstars became legends and Hall of Famers, but their cousins could not accomplish similar success, even those who made it to WWE.

Here are five WWE Legends you didn't know have wrestling cousins.

#5. WWE Legend The Undertaker - Brian Lee

The Undertaker defeated his cousin in the WWE ring
The Undertaker defeated his cousin in the WWE ring

The Undertaker is a legend and an Icon in WWE and the whole pro wrestling industry. He has had a career like no other, which he ended on his terms last year at WrestleMania. In his retirement match, The Deadman defeated AJ Styles in a Boneyard match.


WWE presented Kane as The Undertaker's brother despite not being related in real life. However, The Phenom did have a cousin in the wrestling business at the same time. He even shared the WWE ring with him for a few minutes.

Brian Lee is the Undertaker's real-life cousin. He started his wrestling career with the Continental Wrestling Association in 1989. In 1990, he made the jump to WCW, where he had a short stint that lasted for nearly a year.

Lee then tried his luck with WWE. He participated in the Wrestling Challenge show but lost two tryout matches against Kevin Von Erich and Jim Powers.

The Undertaker's cousin competed in lesser-known promotions until 1994. He then returned to WWE to play the imposter Undertaker during the storyline between The Undertaker and The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase. Lee faced off against his cousin, both dressed as The Undertaker, at SummerSlam 1994. The match ended with the real Undertaker achieving victory.


Following SummerSlam, Lee left WWE. He competed again in lesser-known promotions before having another short stint with ECW.

In 1997, The Undertaker's cousin returned for a third time to WWE but again without much luck. He played the gimmick Chainz, a member of the Disciples of Apocalypse. His third attempt was also short and lasted for nearly a year before WWE decided to release him once and for all.

Lee continued his wrestling career on the independent circuit. He also spent nearly a year in TNA, where he won the NWA Tag Team Titles.

Lee spent nearly 26 years in the wrestling business before retiring in 2014. Despite all these years in the wrestling business, he never achieved his cousin's fame and status.

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Published 08 Apr 2021, 16:29 IST
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