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5 WWE Legends you won't believe have tapped out

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John Cena applying STF on The Miz at Wrestlemania 27.

Losing via pin-fall can be embarrassing. Losing by tapping out, however, is the ultimate form of humiliation for a superstar in WWE.

Never giving up is a quality that every superstar who has made it big in the WWE possesses. So, when a superstar taps out he automatically shows his incapability to bear the pain both physically and mentally. But there have been times when even the toughest superstars gave up.

In this article, we take a look at 5 WWE legends who tapped out, proving that they can be made to cry ‘uncle’.

#5 The Undertaker

‘The Dead man’ has tapped twice in his decorated career!

The Undertaker is arguably the greatest WWE Superstar of all time. His streak was one of the main selling points of Wrestlemania for years.

So, no one can even imagine, ‘The Phenom’ tapping out to any mortal man. Nonetheless, he has tapped out and not once but twice in his career. He tapped out to Kurt Angle on a Smackdown match , when the latter trapped him in a triangle choke.

Kurt Angle did not win the match as The Undertaker pinned him at the same time, thus resulting in a draw.

Undertaker tapped out for a second time in his career when he Brock Lesnar trapped him with a ‘Kimura’ lock in the main event of Summerslam 2015. The Undertaker did not lose the match as the referee never saw him tapping.

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