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5 WWE moments that made fans cry

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Rest in peace, Eddie and Chris--I miss you both so much
Rest in peace, Eddie and Chris--I miss you both so much

This is one of those lists that are very difficult to write. Not because of the work required to research and compile it, but because of the emotional turmoil that one has to go through while doing so.

When witnessing these scenes all over again, you can't help but feel a warm and fuzzy sensation in your chest. It is what the WWE can do sometimes. They might not be the best-run company in the world, but they certainly know how to engross the fans in what they do.

Watching the WWE is like a journey that perhaps only ends with the conclusion one's breath. Sometimes, some moments make us laugh while some others make us cry in sadness.

And this is an attempt to depict the latter as here are the 5 moments that made WWE fans cry…

#5 Shawn Michaels retirement speech

When Shawn Michaels was pitted against The Undertaker in a career v/s streak match at the Wrestlemania 26, many had hoped that the HBK would win in order to prolong his illustrious career. They were not prepared to see the Heartbreak Kid leave the arena forever, but, that was scripted to happen.

And there was perhaps no better way to leave than play your final game against the Dead Man—The Undertaker—and give him the match of his life.

HBK broke many hearts as The Undertaker defeated him in the Wrestlemania. After that, he came out to address the WWE fans in his farewell speech on RAW. Before he could say anything, The Undertaker came out on the ramp and tilted his hat downwards as a sign of respect for Mr Wrestlemania.

He was then greeted by chants of “please don’t go,” which was followed by “thank you, Shawn!”


Tears were dripping down his cheeks, as were of so many fans, who also chanted “one more match,” pleading HBK to perform for one last time. He, however, was a man of his words and never played another game ever since.

I love you, Shawn—without you, the WWE is like a flower without fragrance.

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