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5 WWE Records that will never be broken

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#4 Edge's 14 WWE World Tag Team Championships

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Edge has been some pretty good tag teams over the years.

Edge was a superstar who was great at every facet of pro wrestling. But to this day, he remains most famous for his tag team run with Christian and for good reason. The two men managed to win the Tag Team Championships on seven occasions.

But surprisingly, Christian was not the only partner that Edge won Tag Team gold with. In fact, Edge has won the Tag Team Championships on 14 occasions and with 6 different partners. The closest man to Edge's record is Billy Gunn with 11 reigns. But it is hard to see the 54-year-old coming back and winning the title three more times.

Edge obviously benefited from the quick title changes known as 'hot potato' that was characteristic of the Attitude Era. Today a title rarely changes hands on more than four or five occasions in a year. Funnily, Edge's 14 reigns are not as impressive when his combined days as champion is taken into account. He has managed to hold the titles for only 425 days in his combined 14 reigns as champion, averaging exactly a month for each reign!

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