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5 rumoured WWE storylines from 2017 we want to see

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A passing of the torch?

WWE is built on rumours, speculation and things that may never happen.

Much like every other year, 2017 has been a year filled with rumours concerning potentially huge storylines. It was once widely believed that John Cena would face The Undertaker at WrestleMania 33. Many fans thought that Samoa Joe would be entrant No. 30 in The Royal Rumble. There was even a legion of fans who thought Kurt Angle would be involved in an on-screen affair angle with Dixie Carter.

Alas, most of the rumours you've heard about on the Internet this year ultimately never came to fruition. But for some, there's still hope left.

Here are five 2017 WWE rumours we want to see come true.

#5 The Hardy Boyz become "Broken"

Will we ever see the
Will we ever see the "Broken Hardys" in WWE?

There's been plenty of buzz about Matt and Jeff Hardy potentially becoming "Broken" in WWE, with some of that chatter being propelled by the Hardys themselves.

While the rumour mill will always be churning as fans speculate about the possibility of the Hardy Boyz adopting their very popular "Broken" gimmick, it looks like legal issues with GFW, which claims to own the characters, could prevent that from ever happening.

Still, that won't stop fans from holding out hope for the possibility that Matt and Jeff eventually acquire the rights to the gimmick, lose their minds (on-screen, of course) and then transition from the fan friendly "Hardy Boyz" to arguably the most innovate gimmick we've seen over the last several years.

While Matt and Jeff can and will continue to succeed regardless of what happens with GFW, the thought of seeing the "Broken Hardys" with the WWE machine firmly behind it is quite enticing.

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