5 WWE stars who attended the 2023 ESPYS - Absent WrestleMania competitor, current champion

Several WWE Superstars appeared at the 2023 ESPYS
Several WWE Superstars appeared at the 2023 ESPYS

WWE appears to be more mainstream than ever. Seemingly not a week goes by where news doesn't break about a talent filming for a movie or series, appearing on a game show or reality show, and even beyond.

Just recently, Drew McIntyre has been confirmed to be filming a movie, The Miz and others will be appearing on The Weakest Link, and the likes of Liv Morgan and Karrion Kross attended the Barbie movie premiere.

The mainstream attention doesn't stop there, however. A select handful of talented superstars and performers were even present at the ESPYS, an award show hosted by ESPN to honor various athletes.

This article will look at the five talented stars confirmed to have appeared at and attended the event. One star served as a host, two were guest presenters, and two others were also in attendance. Who was at the ceremony?

#5. Becky Lynch & #4. Seth Rollins, the power couple, attended the show

Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins are two of the most talented superstars in all of WWE. Big Time Becks is arguably the greatest women's wrestler of all time and can certainly claim to be the most successful based on being the first woman to headline WrestleMania and win.

Meanwhile, The Visionary is on top of the wrestling world right now. Seth is the reigning World Heavyweight Champion and is considered one of the best wrestlers in the world. He is the face of Monday Night RAW and a Premium Live Event headliner.

Both Seth and Becky attended The ESPYS. Beyond just watching the show, the two also presented the award for Best Play. The host of the evening also shouted Becky out when referencing powerful women in sports.

#3. Montez Ford & #2. Bianca Belair, the two WWE SmackDown stars appeared at The ESPYS

Bianca Belair and Montez Ford are perhaps the most likable couple in WWE. They're both extremely talented, charismatic, and successful. Belair is a former RAW & SmackDown Women's Champion, a former Royal Rumble winner, and a record breaker.

Meanwhile, Montez is one-half of The Street Profits. He and Angelo Dawkins have won gold on NXT, Monday Night RAW, and Friday Night SmackDown. They even captured the EVOLVE Tag Team Titles before the company's closure. Many expect both Ford and Dawkins to break out as singles stars in the future.

The married couple attended the ESPYS, just as Becky and Seth did. The host also shouted out Bianca Belair when referencing the talented women in sports.

#1. Pat McAfee hosted the event

Pat McAfee on SmackDown
Pat McAfee on SmackDown

Pat McAfee is a rare example of a celebrity who successfully crossed into professional wrestling. Only a handful of names have done so, albeit with a few recent examples genuinely succeeding. Logan Paul, Bad Bunny, Johnny Knoxville, and Pat himself have all gone above and beyond, defying all expectations.

The former football player has had a handful of matches in WWE. This includes a bout with Adam Cole, a match against The Miz, and even a surprise contest with Vince McMahon. He also served as the color commentator on SmackDown for quite some time.

As noted earlier, the host of the occasion gave a special shout-out to both Becky and Bianca. The host of the 2023 ESPYS was the talented and charismatic Pat. While fans will likely be excited to see him, he still isn't back with WWE regularly.

Given his ties to ESPN, a move back to World Wrestling Entertainment on a more regular schedule appears unlikely. This show may be the closest wrestling fans get to seeing him any time soon.