5 WWE Superstars who could realistically defeat Roman Reigns

Seth Rollins vs Roman Reigns could be money
Seth Rollins vs Roman Reigns could be money

For years, there was a clamor for Roman Reigns to turn heel. WWE was determined to persist with him as a babyface, but to no avail. Despite everyone's best efforts, the fans just weren't interested in seeing Reigns presented as a conquering hero.

The Big Dog, as he was then known, was milquetoast and lacked personality. He recited poorly scripted lines and portrayed a hollow character that couldn't connect with the audience.

For instance, what should've been a program designed to pass the torch from The Undertaker to Reigns was dumbed down into a grudge match over which Superstar had the authority to call the ring their "yard."

While the babyface Reigns was bland and uninspired, his heel persona has been an astounding success. The Tribal Chief carries himself like the head of a mafia family and is arguably the most compelling character in professional wrestling.

Reigns' promos have been exceptional, and his matches have more gravitas than ever before. He's even surrounded himself with the perfect supporting cast in The Usos and Paul Heyman. WWE have also played their part and booked Reigns as the biggest star in the promotion.


Since there's so much momentum behind Roman Reigns, the performer who eventually dethrones him needs to be booked with the utmost care. He should be someone that the fans can realistically get behind.

On that note, here are five WWE Superstars who could realistically win the Universal Championship from Roman Reigns:

#5 Bron Breakker might succeed Roman Reigns as WWE's marquee attraction


Even though he only recently made his NXT Debut, Bron Breakker has quickly become the most interesting performer on the show. In addition to being blessed with athleticism and charisma, he carries himself like a main eventer. Breakker even delivers promos like his uncle, Scott Steiner.

The second generation wrestler looks destined to headline WrestleMania one day and is being earmarked by many as WWE's next top star. There is speculation that Roman Reigns could hold on to the Universal title until he faces The Rock at WrestleMania 39 and possibly even longer.

If Breakker makes it to the main roster by then, he could be one of the leading candidates to dethrone The Tribal Chief.

#4 Finn Balor could get a rematch against Roman Reigns


Finn Balor already has some unfinished business with Roman Reigns. The Irish star tapped into the Demon and pushed Reigns to the brink in the main event of Extreme Rules. Despite the best efforts of The Bloodline, Balor found himself on the cusp of winning the Universal Championship.

However, he was foiled by a faulty top rope that snapped and allowed Reigns to steal an unlikely victory. Balor is a very popular Superstar, and the audience would buy into his quest for vengeance. He puts on a spectacle every time he wrestles as The Demon and is more than capable of beating Reigns.

#3 Seth Rollins could use a reset


Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns will always be tied together because of their history with The Shield. Rollins lost his way after feuding with The Fiend in 2019 and eventually became an outlandish heel. While this character can occasionally be entertaining, it isn't one that works for a main eventer.

Rollins' loss to Edge at Crown Jewel could potentially serve as an opportunity for him to hit rock bottom and come back as a babyface. A redemption arc for Rollins would be a compelling storyline, and it could eventually lead to a big-money match with his former ally Roman Reigns.

#2 Brock Lesnar will face Roman Reigns again


Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns had a fascinating program centered around Paul Heyman's allegiance in the lead-up to their match at Crown Jewel. Reigns retained the Universal Championship after he clocked Lesnar with the belt following interference from The Usos.

This finish laid the groundwork for a rematch and was designed to make the audience feel invested in Lesnar giving Reigns his comeuppance. There's still intrigue about which Superstar Heyman will eventually choose, and this feud will likely involve a few more matches.

Even if the story doesn't culminate with Lesnar holding the Universal title, he could get his hands on the gold to prolong the program.

#1 Could The Rock have one more run?


There has been plenty of speculation that WWE is trying to persuade The Rock to return to the ring and face Roman Reigns. Even if he can't make this year's WrestleMania, people within the company are determined to have The Rock wrestle at SoFi Stadium.

The members of The Bloodline have also expressed their eagerness to work with the eight-time WWE Champion in various interviews. If The Rock does choose to lace up his boots, he may well decide to have a series of matches. He should defeat Roman Reigns in their first encounter and put over The Tribal Chief down the line.

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