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5 family members of Superstars who were rumoured to join WWE

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Stevie Ray was expected to join the Federation
Stevie Ray was expected to join the Federation

Wrestling is arguably a family business. You don’t have to look far either. For example, the WWE has a plethora of tag teams that apply a literal kindred spirit to their performances in the ring. From Team Xtreme, the Hardy Boyz, all the way to the sizeable Samoan duo of Rosey and Jamal, you had an emotional relationship or a bond that you could create incredible stories with.

It also makes perfect sense. You have a pairing, or a grouping, that has already gelled from birth or often childhood. Now you even have the WWE concocting ‘kayfabe’ plot lines such as the recent “love it or hate it” Jason Jordan and Kurt Angle narrative. Only time will tell where that storyline will go.

But with such a large roster of current Superstars and Alumni, a lot with widely recognised and famed wrestling family lineage, we could have seen some interesting new family bonds form the ring. With that being said Here are 5 relatives of WWE Superstars both past and present who were rumoured to step foot into the WWE and have a career.

#1 Mika Rotunda

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Is Mika destined to compete alongside her brothers?

The fans may be glad that some of the names on this list didn't make it to the WWE, but Mika Rotunda certainly doesn’t fit in that category. Not widely known but often talked about, Mika was seen in the media as a potential asset to the Women’s Division.

However, what really got the crowds waving their phones in madness was the possibility of Mika joining her older brother as part of the Wyatt Family. Many went on to predict that she will be revealed as Bray’s resurrected saviour: Sister Abigail.

This certainly would have caught headlines, and it could have caught on with the masses. There is little idea whether this was ever considered plausible by the WWE. But we can live in hope as Mika is now employed with the WWE in a backstage role.

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