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5 WWE Superstars who can surprise us with one last World Championship run

Sheamus and Drew McIntyre
Sheamus and Drew McIntyre
Rohit Nath
Modified 15 Dec 2020
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There are a lot of former World Champions on the WWE roster, some of whom seem unlikely to ever win the top prize in the company again. Many are still in their prime and have a World Title reign or two ahead of them, but these five WWE Superstars could still surprise fans with one last run as the top dog of the company:

#5. Rey Mysterio - WWE's greatest luchador still has a chance

Rey Mysterio at Survivor Series 2019.
Rey Mysterio at Survivor Series 2019.

Rey Mysterio has been back with WWE for over two years now, and he has held a lot of importance in regular programming, whether it is RAW or SmackDown. It seemed as though WWE was keen to utilize Mysterio to introduce Dominik Mysterio as an in-ring performer.

That finally happened in the summer of 2020, and when looking back at his role in the last two years, it wasn't too bad. At one point, he even challenged Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship. He was never going to defeat Lesnar, but it's always a good spot to be in.

Unlike a lot of older Superstars, he hasn't been used solely to put over other Superstars, though he has helped elevate a few along the way. The idea of another Rey Mysterio WWE/World Championship run might seem far-fetched, but it's not out of the realm of possibility.

Rey Mysterio still has a while left with WWE, and he may even stay to continue to help his son Dominik climb the ranks. In 2020, it's more interesting to see Dominik Mysterio and his rise, but that doesn't mean that there isn't anything left for Rey Mysterio.

While we can only imagine it happening once crowds are back in full swing, the right story, right push, and right reaction can convince WWE to elevate Rey Mysterio to World Title contention again. And if the moment is right, a World Title win is possible.

Rey Mysterio has certainly done enough to warrant one last run with championship gold.

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Published 15 Dec 2020, 22:00 IST
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