5 WWE Superstars who could confront Randy Orton on SmackDown (12/1/23)

Former WWE Champion Randy Orton
Former WWE Champion Randy Orton

There's a former World Champion (pssst.... It's Randy Orton) who has returned from a long, long, long hiatus - and is ready to show the rest of WWE just how impactful they really are.

And that former champion we're talking about is Randy Orton.

Y'all forgot about Randy, didn't ya?

The Viper, despite his reputation as the "The Legend Killer", is now a legend himself. And, he's back and he's looking for superstars to RKO. Which is great for him, because there are more than a few WWE wrestlers ready to make a name for themself at the expense of the Apex Predator.

Yeah, all eyes are on Phil From Chicago, but let's not forget about Randy from St. Louis. Here's five WWE Superstars ready to make a name for themselves at the expense of The Legend Killer.

#5 LA Knight vs Randy Orton

Pairing up WWE's fastest-rising star against one of WWE's greatest stars, well, that just makes sense.


Even if they're both babyfaces, both of their characters does nothing to prevent them from throwing down against anybody that stands in between them and success in WWE.

We're picturing LA Knight confronting Orton on the next episode of SmackDown, and doing what he does best - rocking that microphone.

In fact, LA Knight and Randy Orton don't even really need to have a match against each other. Orton giving LA Knight the rub would do wonders for The Megastar. But, even if they were to throw down, it would be one for the ages. YEAH!

#4. Austin Theory vs Randy Orton


Holy crawfish, pairing Orton against Austin Theory would be like putting a projection screen in front of Orton, and projecting an Orton in his mid-20s. Granted, Theory doesn't have the benefit (or baggage, to be fair) of being a multi-generational star. But Randy still knows what it's like to have ridiculously high expectations right from the get-go.

Theory has shown that he's been able to weather the storm he's been handed, but we think a program with The Viper would help him out even more,

#3. Solo Sikoa vs Randy Orton


Despite being the muscle and Enforcer behind Roman Reigns' record-breaking title streak, Solo Sikoa has made a name for himself.

Just look at how he defeated John Cena at Crown Jewel. At some point, Solo is going to break away from Roman's shadow. And that's going to happen in a big way.

And there's no better way to establish that dominance - especially after beating John Cena - than beating his greatest Rival - Randy Orton. Especially when The Viper is looking to destroy your entire faction.

#2. Logan Paul vs Randy Orton


Social Media sensation Logan Paul currently holds the WWE United States Championship.

The Maverick has shown he takes being a professional wrestler/WWE Superstar seriously.

Logan needs to have a marquee match against The Viper - title or non-title. These two need to fight, and the response from the fans might go through the roof.

#1. Santos Escobar vs Randy Orton


We all knew the turn against Rey Mysterio was coming. Santos Escobar makes for a pretty nice babyface, but he shines much better as a heel.

He might be floundering right now - and it's really not his fault - but he's on his way to great things. And one of those great things is a feud with one of the greatest of all time, Randy Orton. And it's going to happen. Mark our words.

Who else do you see stepping up to Orton over the next year? Let us know in the comments section below.