5 WWE Superstars who confronted Vince McMahon backstage

Vince McMahon
Vince McMahon

#4 Hardcore Holly confronted Vince McMahon about WWE's dress code policy

Hardcore Holly
Hardcore Holly

In 2004, WWE had a meeting about a dress code policy. The reason behind the implementation of this policy was to add more professionalism and credibility to the dress code of WWE Superstars.

Not everyone in the locker room was happy about it, including Hardcore Holly. This particular incident was detailed in his book, The Hardcore Truth.

Apparently, the only stars who didn't have to follow the code were wrestlers whose gimmicks wouldn't make sense for them to wear business attire. John Cena, Mick Foley and Stone Cold Steve Austin were exempt from this rule.

At the meeting, Holly stood up to Vince McMahon and confronted him about this policy. Holly argued that his gimmick didn't fit the dress code, but McMahon still wanted him to dress professionally. The two got into a lengthy debate on the topic.

However, at the meeting, only Holly stood up to Vince McMahon about the rule. The former WWE star was unhappy because no one else apart from him confronted McMahon about the aforementioned dress code.

In the end, even names like Kane, Chris Jericho, and Eugene had to dress up professionally despite their onscreen gimmicks. The Undertaker didn't have to follow this rule, but he did so to set the right standard for everyone else in the locker room.

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