5 WWE Superstars who are enhanced by their entrance theme

The audience perfected their chorus over years and years of listening to this
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One of the most essential parts of a wrestler’s character is entrance music. It sets the tone for the wrestler’s entrance and gives fans an insight into their characters from the get go. Some of the most iconic entrance themes in WWE history belong to the likes of The Undertaker, Stone Cold and The Rock and are an integral part of their characters and have helped enhance them.

A good theme song has to enhance the characters of the wrestlers they portray and at the same time be catchy, cool and memorable. Even today, WWE has a host of great entrance themes for their current batch of Superstars and in this article we take a look at 5 WWE Superstars whose entrance themes help enhance their characters.

5: Charlotte

New and improved

Charlotte’s whole character right now is her genetic superiority that comes from being a second generation Flair and for that reason, here theme music suits her absolutely perfectly. Her music is a remix of her father’s iconic theme and that perfectly bring Ric Flair’s classic music into the New Era.

Her theme gets across her sense of superiority, glamour and her wrestling heritage. It’s a perfect fit for Charlotte.

4: Enzo & Cass

Fits like a glove

The realest guys in the room are one of the most over tag teams in the WWE right now. The New York-New Jersey natives have a unique theme that suits them perfectly. It brings an intense energy with them when they come out and is perfectly suited to Enzo’s entrance shtick on the mic.

Enzo & Cass’ entrance isn’t just an entrance, it’s a spectacle that has the live crowd chanting with them all the way. Their music helps them drive home their ‘SAWFT’ catchphrase and helps them start their matches with the crowd behind them.

3: John Cena


Yes, in case you weren’t aware, that is indeed John Cena rapping in his own theme music. The song ‘The Time Is Now’ was a part of Cena’s 2005 rap album You Can’t See Me and it encapsulates everything that John Cena stands for – hustle, loyalty and respect. Cena raps about everything he is throughout the song amongst a blaze of trumpets, a sound that has become iconic amongst WWE fans.

If you’ve seen a WWE show recently, you very well know what a polarizing wrestler John Cena has become over the years and fans chanting ‘John Cena sucks’ along with Cena’s entrance music is as integral a part of Cena’s character now as his colourful ring-gear and hats.

2: Kevin Owens

Taking what seems ordinary and making it a cut above the rest

KO has one of the most underrated theme songs in WWE right now. Even though it’s just a guitar riff, it’s perfect for Owens because its brings across the feeling that there’s going to be a fight, especially considering that a huge part of Owens’ gimmick is him being a Prizefighter.

Very few current WWE themes bring a big-fight feel and along with John Cena’s theme, KO’s theme is one of them. The music brings a different sort of energy to the area and gets the crowd ready for the Kevin Owens show.

1: The New Day

Gets everyone on their feet

Not only does The New Day’s entrance music go perfectly with their’ Power Of Positivity’ but it’s also unique and instantly recognizable. It boggles the mind when you think about the reaction The New Day got a year and a half ago when Big E opened with “It’s a new day, yes, it is”.

The New Day have now embraced the cheesiness of the music, which was a part of their original preacher gimmick, and made it their own. The crowd goes into a frenzy as soon as Big E talks into the mic and the crowd get ready to dance to the music.

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