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5 WWE superstars who manhandled Vince McMahon

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McMahon being showered with beer

The Montreal Screwjob kicked off quite possibly the most compelling heel in the history of the WWE. Because that heel character resonated with a lot of fans of the WWE who were mostly working class people.

The egomaniacal, tyrannical, narcissistic, capitalistic boss made everyone loathe him to every bit of his being. Hence maybe the best way to get over and make a statement of how important you are to the WWE is by laying hands on the Boss.

Over the years McMahon has had many feuds but the beauty of an unforeseen or unplanned attack is worth every bit of your time. This list does not include his matches, these include moments that were not matches but segments where McMahon wasn’t supposed to wrestle and was attacked/ manhandled by a superstar.

Here are the 5 superstars who manhandled Vince McMahon-

  1. Stone Cold Steve Austin

Well, no one has come close to giving the beating that Stone Cold has unleashed on McMahon during their remarkable feud in the Attitude Era. Be it the first Stone Cold Stunner that pleasantly stunned the world to the comedic gold that was the hospital beatdown, Stone Cold did not give two cents about the fact that he was beating up the man who signed his cheques.

It was something that the entire working class audience of the WWE revelled in. Stone Cold became the biggest anti-hero and the most profitable star the company had ever seen. There was just no other man above him in that aspect.

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