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5 WWE Superstars other than Undertaker who could have had a Wrestlemania streak

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The 21-match winning streak at WrestleMania is Undertaker
’s biggest accomplishment

There may never be a storyline as valuable to WrestleMania or WWE, as Undertaker’s streak of 21 straight years without a loss.

While the company that is trying to reinvent itself, is making bold moves with storylines and innovative matches; the fact it took Brock Lesnar, to take down the Dead Man is a testimony to the greatness of Undertaker and the place it has in the annals of professional wrestling.

Rumour has it that Lesnar did not want to be part of a storyline where the streak was broken. The Beast Incarnate is said to have begged to be left out of that kind of storyline. As we all know, he became the one to make Undertaker’s record 21-1, at Wrestlemania.

I have always wondered why WWE did not push the envelope with other wrestlers, who had a streak of their own. If professional wrestling is fixated on records and establishing greatness, other superstars should have had a chance to create their own legacy with a streak; that may not have reached epic proportions.

Here are five wrestlers who could have had their own streak at professional wrestling’s greatest event.

#1 Kane

Kane has always been the man closely linked to Undertaker

If WWE could take the immortality of Undertaker and make him a legend, then why didn’t the company do the same thing with his “brother” in the ring. When he burst on the scene, Kane was as dominant a performer as the business had seen.

Brought to the ring by Paul Bearer and a mask that was just plain sick, Kane beat everyone in his path. He, more than anyone else was a clone, to the Undertaker and personified what dominance in the Attitude Era meant.

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