5 WWE Superstars who strongly support Donald Trump

Most high profile HOFer ever
Most high profile HOFer ever
Tina Kaviraj

5. Ted DiBiase “The Million Dollar Man”

Back in the day

Fans of the WWE will remember Ted DiBiase as the “Million Dollar Man” from the WWF where he had a long career as both a professional wrestler and a manager. It is not surprising that he would be a Donald Trump supporter since his entrance music during his time at the WWF is not far removed from what the Republican presidential candidate stands for.

In fact, Ted DiBbiase’s entrance music is strangely similar to the theme song for Trump’s reality show ‘The Apprentice’. DiBiase announced his support for Trump on Reddit when he posted:

“The character would probably vote for Donald Trump because he’s a billionaire and the real Ted DiBiase would also vote Trump because he’s not swayed by money. You don’t become a billionaire by being an idiot.”

Maybe if Trump supporters were more in touch with reality and knew that he actually wasn’t a billionaire or even a millionaire, people like Ted DiBiase wouldn’t come out and endorse him

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