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5 WWE Superstars that are being misused

Marc Madison
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Both men haven’t been booked all that well recently

In WWE there are tiers of wrestlers. There is the lower card, the mid card, and the main eventers.

It isn't expected that everyone will be a focal point on the show and be a main event performer. In fact, some wrestlers are well placed as part of the mid-card, where they can have long-standing feuds and potentially compete for titles such as the Intercontinental and the United States championships.

Then, there is talent that is at the bottom of the card, the so-called ‘curtain jerkers.' They generally are seen on dark matches or are considered enhancement talent for the rest of the roster on the show. These talents are there to make others around them look better.

Some performers may not necessarily be considered enhancement talent, but instead, they just aren't seen on television at all, or seen very rarely even though they could easily be a part of the program. These wrestlers are former champions or were champions in other promotions prior to coming to the WWE.

It seems as though the company would prefer to have them sit rather than use their skillset and have fans enjoy their contributions. Here are a group of wrestlers that are used so poorly, it's actually a crime that they aren't on Raw or Smackdown Live more often.

#5 Curt Hawkins

Why has Hawkins’ skill gone relatively untapped into?

When he first debuted in WWE years ago, Curt Hawkins was part of the Edge army alongside Zack Ryder. They were Edge clones, from how they dressed to how they looked. Hawkins was there to support Edge, the head of the faction. After that, he toiled as an enhancement talent, rarely, if ever, making it on TV, before he was released.

However, after leaving the company, he earned a name for himself on the independent scene.

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One of the greatest things any wrestler can achieve when they are not a part of a major promotion is to get themselves over with the audience. This was the case for Brian Myers, aka Curt Hawkins. He got himself over, and it seemed as though WWE took notice. Throughout the summer, vignettes were aired promoting his return.

The vignettes were fairly entertaining, so it seemed safe to presume that when he returned he would be pushed, and used in a way that fans could get behind him. However, he's already been booked to look like the fool and that is definitely not helping his cause.

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