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5 WWE Superstars who are brothers in real life 

Israel Lutete
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The Hart brothers
The Hart brothers

How many WWE Superstars did you know were brothers in real life? The Hart Foundation, The Usos, The Steiner Brothers, The Brothers of Destruction? Ok, maybe not the last one. The world of professional wrestling is more than just wrestling.

It can be a family thing as well. There are several wrestling families that have competed in WWE, and they go from generation to generation. Two of the most popular wrestling families are the Hart family and the Anoa'i family. These two families have been very successful and have held multiple championships in this business.

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WWE have acknowledged some superstars as real-life siblings but some, because of their gimmick, are not acknowledged as brothers on TV. Some brothers compete together as tag teams, while others prefer to have a singles run on their own. There are also other superstars that are kayfabe brothers, even though they have no relation to each other in real life. That didn't stop them from making us regard them as real brothers till this day.

They might be some superstars on this list that you never knew were brothers. Only real brothers are counted on this list. Here are 5 WWE Superstars that are brothers in real life:

#5 Cody Rhodes and Goldust

The Cosmic Brothers
The Cosmic Brothers

In case you've been living in space for the past ten years or so, former WWE superstar Cody Runnels aka Cody Rhodes/Stardust and Dustin Runnels aka Goldust/Dustin Rhodes are real-life brothers.

This comes as no surprise as the two were tag team partners a few years ago and they even successfully captured the WWE tag team championships. They enjoyed a singles run in WWE and they also teamed up with other wrestlers as tag teams.

They are both the sons of the late American Dream Dusty Rhodes. Although they didn't have much success in WWE like their father did, Cody Rhodes, however, managed to shake the dust off and he left the promise land, finding success in the independent circuit and Ring of Honor Wrestling, where he captured the ROH Heavyweight Championship.

Goldust has been a key component in the Attitude Era. However, he won't be in the ring for much longer. These two brothers have been there for each other when they needed to.

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