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5 WWE Superstars that enjoyed a bloodbath

When entertainment crosses the line and steps into the realm of the unhealthy...

Mick Foley enjoyed pushing his body to the limit...to say the least

The PG era, in its essence, saw the inclusion of a very young age demographic as fans of the product that the WWE put out. Along with this, came a few inevitable changes –  John Cena as the staple protagonist, kid-friendly storylines and a stringent ban on blading.

Blood had always been used to highlight the realism of a pro-wrestling contest in the past, and despite it being wiped off the table after the PG era, we still remember matches that involved bleeding vividly. They were realistic and sometimes even bordered on the barbaric, but mostly, they were just downright badass.

Some Superstars, however, took the liberty to bleed too often – so often that it almost became an unhealthy obsession to cleave open one’s forehead and clear their eyelids of copious amounts of blood while working a match.

This article lists down 5 such performers. Performers, who despite putting on a great show for the fans, just enjoyed the bloodbath a little too much.

Ric Flair

A legendary worker, perhaps the greatest of all time, Ric Flair was also known to be a tremendous bleeder.

He would bust himself open barely minutes into a match and from then on, the storytelling about how he would endure immense amounts of punishment as a heel or make a comeback against the odds as a babyface would often captivate the audience.

His pale complexion and beach blonde hair would only accentuate the effect of blood on his face, and let’s be honest here, the Naitch was quite a liberal blader. The sight of him bashing open the wound on his head using the microphone, halfway through a passionate rant about Triple H is stuff of legend. 

You really didn’t need to give Ric Flair an excuse to bleed, did you? 

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