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5 WWE Superstars that should pursue opportunities outside the company in 2019

Sanjay Dutta
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Nakamura's NXT Championship win in 2016 has been the highest point in his WWE Carrer
Nakamura's NXT Championship win in 2016 has been the highest point in his WWE Carrer

They say it's land of opportunity, that it's where dreams come true - but for the past few years, WWE has anything but that for some superstars.

While it is impossible to feature each and every Superstar couldn't be put in the main event slot every week, it is frustrating to see some of the most talented Superstars not offered the opportunities that they deserve. Superstars like Finn Balor, Bayley have been pushed to the back, when the spotlight should've been on them.

While a few decades ago, Superstars would've stayed put in the company due to the lack of a viable alternative, that isn't the case anymore. The rise of independent wrestling has meant that wrestlers can make a decent living while working on the independent scene.

The Young Bucks, Cody and Kenny Omega are the biggest example of this Phenomenon. They have succeeded in providing an alternative to the WWE and come 2019, they will most likely take to the next level by making a formal announcement about the reported promotion called ' All Elite Wrestling'. 

Here are 5 WWE Superstar whom we think should leave the company next year as we believe that the company has failed completely in utilizing their talents. We won't be surprised be if these Superstars decide to make a jump to another promotion. These superstars have so much to offer to the professional wrestling business, which they won't be able to do while being in the WWE.

 #5 Bobby Roode

Roode's main roster has nothing short of a massive trainwreck

A TNA/ Impact Wrestling Original, having spent a major part of his career in the promotion, Bobby Roode is one of the greatest TNA Superstars ever. He holds the record of being the longest-reigning TNA World Heavyweight Champion, a record that stands till date.

But the former Beer Money member's main roster run hasn't been sunshine and roses. Although a huge star in NXT, Roode's main roster run has been very disappointing, to say the least. The former NXT Champion has been buried to the deep ends and there is no way that he is ever getting to the main event in the company.

After having a stellar run as a heel champion in NXT, the Glorious One was presented as a Babyface when it was glaringly obvious that the Canadian was more at the ease being a dastardly heel.


He was then put in a feud with Dolph Ziggler which no one really cared about. By the time Roode captured the United States Championship, fans had stopped caring about Roode and his character. Roode went from one of the best NXT Champions in history to a lower mid-carder in a matter of months.

Judging by how things are going at the moment, it is impossible for Roode to be relevant in the company barring a miracle of some sort.This is sad considering how much Roode has done in the business over the past one decade and a half.

Roode must look out for a way to get out of his WWE contract as soon as possible as his treatment on the main roster has been one of the worst in recent memory.

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