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5 WWE Superstars the company needs to release now

The truth hurts.

Face the facts, Curt

SmackDown Live is considered to be the land of opportunity, and to an extent, that does ring true - however that isn't the case throughout the entirety of the WWE. In fact, there are quite a few names that aren't on this list that still could've qualified because the company just doesn't know what to do, given how much talent they have at their disposal right now.

Because of this, we honestly feel as if the best course of action would be for Vince to have another big clear out in the next few months. It doesn't necessarily need to happen for one reason, in particular. In fact, it's quite the contrary: there are multiple reasons behind why this should happen. Being a jobber is one thing, but being worthless is something else altogether.

Everyone on this list has had their moment in the sunshine at some point, but they'd all benefit so much from expanding their horizons outside of WWE. You see, we aren't suggesting that anyone on here is bad, but instead that they need to re-invent themselves in a way that could potentially make them more valuable in the years to come.

So with that all being said, here are five WWE superstars the company needs to release now.

#1 Curt Hawkins

Poor old Curt

Face the facts - Curt Hawkins isn't being given much respect around here anymore. The guy was brought back into the fold after a few years away on the independent scene and from the second the first vignette aired, it became apparent that he'd be positioned as a jobber once again.

That isn't us gloating, either - because pretty much everyone was thinking it.

Hawkins did well on the indies, and perhaps it'll take yet another stint away for WWE to finally realise that they need to get serious about this guy. He's got a solid look, he's decent on the mic, and he could work as an arrogant mid-carder that guys on their way up to the main event need to beat in order to gain some credibility.

Our next Superstar on the list is here to show the world.

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