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4 WWE Superstars Vince McMahon Has Endured Because of Triple H

Abid Khan
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This business is a tough affair
This business is a tough affair

It's pretty evident that Triple H, with his endless passion for sports entertainment, has been able to ascend a once developmental territory in NXT to a full-fledged mainstream brand. His business acumen and vision for change have made a home in the hearts of legions who live and breathe the wrestling world.

Moreover, The Game's relationship with Vince McMahon has been influential in making this entire hard-earned project come to life. Despite the criticism we shower on Vince's current creative efforts, one can't deny that The Chairman of the Board has given us something fundamentally un-explainable in WWE. With WWE continuing to elevate its credibility on international platforms with events in Australia and Saudi Arabia, the company is more open than ever to welcome talents from all walks of life.

Keeping in mind, the Performance Centers that have opened the gates for many aspiring superstars, Triple H certainly has his eyes on the future. Whilst a select few Triple H projects like Seth Rollins and Drew Mcintyre have been recipients of major pushes on the main roster, many in the locker room have struggled to break the glass ceiling under Vince's supervision.

In this article, we dive deep into some of the most talented WWE superstars whose jobs were saved by Triple H. Hope you enjoy this one.

#1 Tyler Breeze

It was never meant to be
It was never meant to be

If you're a genuine admirer of professional wrestling, then you would understand why Tyler Breeze is one of the most underrated performers in the WWE today. The guy is talented. His work under Triple H's wing was excellent and only solidified his chances of making it big when he finally makes the ultimate transition. Unfortunately, things didn't work pretty well for the 31-year old Superstar who was rumored to have major backstage heat with Vince McMahon, at the initial stages of his main roster run.

Despite being a staunch supporter of the former NXT sensation, Triple H failed to convince Vince McMahon of pushing Breeze as a legitimate heel and Prince Pretty ended up as one of the most underutilized superstars in the game. Although Breeze's and Fandango's creative genius with the Fashion Files gimmick gravitated the audience's attention, the creative team backstage never really showered the spotlight on the duo.

Considering that Vince struggled in finding anything marketable in the former NXT sensation, Triple H's constant support has coerced The Boss to not release him. Furthermore, his return back to NXT was the best possible decision, with The Game possibly keeping him under his wing and giving him the spotlight he deserves.

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