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3 WWE Superstars Vince McMahon will push once they return and 2 that will not receive a push

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#4 Won't receive a push: Luke Harper

Vince McMahon isn't fond of Luke Harper
Vince McMahon isn't fond of Luke Harper

Luke Harper is frustrated about his status in WWE. He injured himself last year but was cleared in early 2019. WWE waited for sometime before using him for a match but when they did, it didn't go well for Harper as Vince McMahon didn't like how he performed at WrestleMania 35. This caused the former Intercontinental Champion to ask for his release from WWE which wasn't granted to him. Instead, it made Vince even more furious than he was before and as a result, he extended Harper's current contract.

As per a rumor, Luke Harper isn't on Vince McMahon's good list and apparently, the boss 'hates' him, which clearly means that Harper isn't going to appear on television soon. And, when he will show up on Raw or SmackDown, he won't receive a push because Vince won't let it happen.