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5 WWE Superstars who are in relationships with lesser known personalities

Josh Coulson
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Shawn Michaels delivers an elbow drop to Edge
Shawn Michaels delivers an elbow drop to Edge

The life of a WWE Superstar is a tough one. The company is effectively a travelling circus that tours the world all year round. Having a personal life or a family on top of a career like that can be tricky, if not downright impossible for some. Many wrestlers do manage to pull it off though.

As you can imagine, the most logical direction for a WWE competitor's love life to go is to wind up with someone who shares that same tough schedule with them. They'll understand the other person is going through far better than anyone outside of the business, so wrestler with wrestler relationships are extremely commonplace.

There are plenty of examples of wrestlers somehow making relationships work with someone outside the business, so it's certainly not impossible. Most are also not afraid to partner up with people less famous than themselves, and here are five examples of exactly that.

#5 Ric Flair

Ric Flair
Ric Flair has done it all

Ric Flair has truly had the time of his life while travelling the world as a pro wrestler. Despite the mistakes he's made if you were to ask Naitch what he would change, he would probably reply with 'not a thing'. That includes his four marriages and subsequent divorces.

Incredibly, Ric is currently engaged for an impressive fifth time. What his previous four wives make of that is anyone's guess. Flair's latest fiancee is Wendy Barlow and the pair got engaged in July of 2016.

The name Wendy Barlow probably doesn't ring a bell, but she was actually employed by WCW at one time. The now defunct wrestling company is actually where she and Flair met. Barlow played Fifi the maid from the Nature Boy's interview segment A Flair For The Gold, and they are now together 20 years later. It's kind of sweet really.

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