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5 WWE Superstars who are like their characters in real life

Ric Flair and The Rock
Ric Flair and The Rock
Josh Coulson
Modified 20 Sep 2017
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It can be an arduous task for a WWE Superstar to come up with a character and a gimmick that will work for them. There was a time in the company when Vince McMahon and Co would seemingly pull character ideas randomly out of a hat and hand them to whoever was the next man or woman through the door. Unsurprisingly that didn't work out too well.

Many of the wrestlers you see competing in the company aren't actually like the characters they portray. They are actors playing roles after all. Some of them are really tough, and many former Superstars stand by the belief that the best wrestling characters come from a performer simply turning their own personality up to 11.

Believe it or not, a lot of WWE characters aren't actually 'characters'. They are simply men and women going to the ring and giving the fans an exaggerated version of who they really are.

With that being said, here are five Superstars from the present and past that merely played their real live selves during their time as a wrestler.

#5 Bayley

Bayley in ring with Charly Caruso
Bayley in ring with Charly Caruso

Bayley plays a character on WWE television that may very well be the nicest and most upbeat Superstar to ever lace up a pair of boots. She loves to hug people and young kids dress like her. To be honest, she is a breath of fresh air in an industry that is largely filled with people who are the complete opposite of that.

Someone that overly nice surely couldn't exist outside the bounds of an entertainment show right? Wrong. If anything non-wrestler Bayley is even nicer than the person she portrays on Raw every Monday night. The former Women's Champion never has a bad thing to say about anybody and always has a smile on her face.

The reasoning behind that might be Bayley's love for what she is doing, and being a pro wrestler is all she has ever wanted to do from a very young age. WWE often uses photos of her as a child demostrating her love for the business, and the accolades she continues to earn couldn't be going to a nicer person.

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Published 20 Sep 2017, 21:12 IST
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