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5 WWE Superstars who are popular as a particular stipulation performer

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WWE is all about brilliant feuds and putting on great matches. The storyline is the heart and soul of any feud and sometimes to make this feud more interesting, WWE adds a stipulation in the matches. Over the years, we have seen several diverse arrangements.

Sometimes these stipulations become fan favorites like Royal Rumble, Hell in a Cell, Ladder Matches etc, and sometimes the management introduces such weird stipulations that no one can stand like Punjabi Prison or House of Horror.

There are some Superstars who have made a name for themselves because of their performance in a particular stipulation. Before reading further, remember that in this list, we are not looking just at the end result. This article concerns more about their performance in the match itself and how they have left their mark in it.

#5 Kofi Kingston - Royal Rumble Match

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Looking at his current spot in the roster, Kofi Kingston is not exactly a serious contender to win this, but this article of about match performances. Each year, Kofi does some kind of hi-flying exploit to save himself from getting eliminated. It can range from doing a handstand to riding on Big-E's shoulder.

You know something is missing from the match until you see Kofi pulling off highly-demanding stunts to save himself from being eliminated, despite having been thrown out of the ring over the top rope. He knows how to make his impact in the match even without winning it.

He has now gained a reputation for himself due to this amazing performances as he does one of this stunts every year. Even though he has not won a single Royal Rumble match, but the kind of entertainment that he provides in between is amazing as makes the otherwise serious environment hilarious.

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