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5 WWE superstars who are single right now

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112.50K   //    30 Sep 2017, 13:00 IST

Is Dolph Ziggler still single?
Is Dolph Ziggler still single?

Seeing professional wrestlers on our TV screens week in and week out, it's easy to forget that they're actual human beings with lives away from the squared circle. While this has been reduced to a great extent in today's age of social media, fans are still quite curious about what their favourite WWE superstars' personal lives are like.

Where do they live? What sort of cars do they own? Who are they dating? These are all interesting tidbits of information that pique the curiosity of professional wrestling fans all around the world. Well, we're here today to satiate some of that curiosity and discuss the love life or rather the lack of one for some WWE superstars.

So, without any further ado, here is our list of 5 WWE superstars who are single right now:

#5 Jinder Mahal

Jinder cares for the gym more than the ladies at this point in his career
Jinder cares for the gym more than the ladies at this point in his career

Jinder Mahal's transformation from jobber to WWE Champion has been nothing short of astounding. And, despite what detractors of the Modern Day Maharaja might say, a lot of it is down to his superb work ethic and willingness to go that extra mile in order to turn his career around.

The first step in this process was Mahal quitting the consumption of alcohol and dedicating his life to honing his body into the machine it is today. This is just a small example of the work he is willing to put in and it seems like his love life has similarly been cast away in favour of professional success. And maybe the most hated superstar on SmackDown Live wants it that way.

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