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5 WWE Superstars who could be the next Undertaker

J. Carpenter
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The eerie remains of The Deadman...

We are just days away from Wrestlemania 34 and it appears that we are all but locked in to see The Undertaker accept John Cena's impromptu challenge to face-off on the grandest stage of them all, live in New Orleans on April 8, 2018, inside the Mercedes Benz Superdome. With that said, the 53-year old phenom has been awfully quiet so far this year, but then again, being mysteriously quiet and reserved has always been a part of his persona and it's worked for 34 years now, so who am I to question him?

As previously mentioned The Undertaker just turned 53 a couple of days ago and as much as I would love to act as if mortality doesn't affect The Deadman, the fact remains that one day soon, Father-time is certainly working on The Undertaker and eventually, he will be forced to hang the boots up one last time, for good and when that day finally comes, there will be a void left behind, a tremendous void that will never be filled by anyone.

While there will never be another Taker, there certainly should be at the very least, an attempt to carry on his legacy, but who will it be? Who can step up, who has what it takes to carry-on the spirit of what The Undertaker created?

With this said, let me make it crystal clear- there will NEVER be another Undertaker. The Creator broke the mould when The Undertaker was created. However, there will be someone who will come along with enough in common with Taker, that they could very well give fans a brief glimpse back at what once was The Undertaker.

Here's a look at 5 WWE Superstars that could fill the shoes and become "the next Undertaker."

#5 Bray Wyatt

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Don't give up just yet.

There is certainly a season of change occurring somewhere in Brooksville, Florida, where Windham Rotunda resides. The 30-year old third-generation WWE Superstar is fresh off of an interesting feud with Matt Hardy, a feud in which many fans believe could have ended the Bray Wyatt persona for good.

Following Bray's loss to Matt Hardy, there was a lot of emphasis on how Wyatt was tossed into "the lake of reincarnation." Of course, we all are aware that the term 'reincarnation' refers to someone being reborn into a new body, or perhaps in this case- a new character for Windham Rotunda.

I'll be the first to admit, I am not a fan of the idea of Bray Wyatt being repackaged at all. I feel that there was so much work and effort put into Windham being repackaged from Husky Harris-to-Bray Wyatt and that it would really be a shame if we lose the incredibly gifted Wyatt persona. It is my personal opinion that Bray Wyatt should come back, stronger and darker than ever. The ceiling was so high for that moniker, I just cannot wrap my mind around wasting what was such an incredible character.

Nonetheless, Rotunda will return, hopefully, sooner than later. Some say he may return as a revamped Husky Harris, while others have suggested he come back in the character which his father once portrayed- "I.R.S." Both of those ideas are absolute garbage, in my opinion. Regardless what they decide, I hope the decision doesn't result in ultimate career suicide, because as I have repeatedly said, there is so much untapped potential in the Bray Wyatt persona. If someone wakes up and acknowledges that a grave decision is about to be made and they revert back to leaving the Wyatt character in-tact, then we can move forward and yes, that very character, combined with the creative genius that Windham is, can surely make a run as someone who could do Takers legacy justice.

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