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5 WWE Superstars who disliked their own gimmick

Danny Hart
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12 Aug 2018, 02:32 IST

Not every gimmick change is a good one!

The gimmick of a WWE Superstar is arguably even more important than the ability that a performer possesses inside a WWE ring.

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Looking at the modern-day product, for example, Elias regularly receives some of the loudest crowd reactions on Monday Night Raw, but is that anything to do with his in-ring skills? No – it’s because his gimmick is one of the best in the company right now.

On the flip side, Apollo Crews is among the most underrated performers in WWE based on his in-ring talent alone, but his lack of character progression over the last couple of years means it’s difficult for fans to fully invest in his current persona.

Simply put, gimmicks mean everything in the world of pro wrestling/sports entertainment, and it’s absolutely vital that performers build a character that the audience can connect with.

In this article, let’s take a look at five WWE Superstars who disliked the gimmicks that they portrayed on WWE television.

#5 Bray Wyatt/Husky Harris

Bray Wyatt wasn't always as menacing as he is now

Since re-debuting on the main roster in July 2013, Bray Wyatt has been involved in five WrestleMania events, facing legends including John Cena, The Undertaker and Randy Orton along the way, and he has become one of the most well-known Superstars in current-day WWE.

It wasn’t all plain sailing early on in Bray’s career, though, as he was first introduced to the WWE audience in June 2010 as NXT rookie Husky Harris – a third-generation Superstar who was described as “an army tank with a Ferrari engine”.


Looking back at WWE’s ‘Meet Husky Harris’ video, embedded below, the gimmick wasn’t necessarily bad, but it’s certainly nowhere near as interesting as the cult-leading “Eater of Worlds” character that Bray went on to become.

Speaking out of character on The Steve Austin Show in 2014, Bray said he was a “shell” playing the Husky character and described his previous gimmick as “a blank chapter in my life”.

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