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5 WWE Superstars who were good as both face and heel

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Two legends who excelled on both side of the character line.
Two legends who excelled on both side of the character line.

Natural Babyfaces, like Ricky Steamboat and Rey Mysterio, played heroic character throughout their career, while others like Kevin Owens excelled by playing the same villainous character throughout their career. However, there have been a selective few, such as The Rock, Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker and Steve Austin, who were successful on both sides of the character line.

The Industry of professional wrestling is not an easy field to succeed. Only a few selective manage to make it to the big league, and there is no better platform for a professional wrestler to make a name for himself than WWE. While there is no doubt that every professional wrestler has satisfactory to great to awesome in-ring skills, it is the character that they play in the ring that takes them to new heights as an entertainer.

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Even on the current roster, there are a handful of superstars who have had successful stints both as a heel and a face. Here are the five WWE Superstars on the current roster who play heel and face equally well.

#1 Seth Rollins

The Architect was a surprisingly excellent heel.
The Architect was a surprisingly excellent heel.

Seth Rollins surprised every wrestling fan around the world when he smashed steel chairs on the back of his Shield Brothers. The fact that Rollins, inarguably the only one from the trio who acted like a face/tweener throughout their time together, was the one to turn heel raised the excitement of his future to a whole new level, and Boy! Did Rollins deliver big time?

As the chosen face of the WWE, Rollins had a constant presence in the main event for almost two years and was inarguably the best heel in the company in 2014-15 when he was the WWE Champion. Rollins was so popular as a heel that fans started cheering for him when he returned from injury in 2016.

And this is what initiated a much-needed character change for Rollins. Even though he failed to get over with the fans because of his weird booking, the reaction he has been getting ever since his sensational hour-long performance earlier this year transformed him into the biggest face on Raw. People are cheering Rollins for his in-ring profess, and if this continues in the future as well, The Architect will once again win the World Title in the near future.

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