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5 WWE Superstars who wear glasses

These Superstars who wear glasses just may surprise you!

It is rare to see Vince McMahon in glasses

It’s rare when you see Superstars don eyewear other than sunglasses. While there are few who legitimately need them for vision purposes, some wear it for fashion. Wearing glasses seems to be the latest trend and Superstars such as Enzo Amore and Stephanie McMahon have been seen wearing them. 

Even Trish Stratus has taken pictures wearing glasses. Most times, it’s unconfirmed whether they wear them for reading or they are prescription glasses.   

I’m a glasses wearer myself. I remember taking pictures when I was younger and felt like I had to remove mine because I thought it ruined my pictures.

But over time I learned to embrace it especially since I got glasses that suit my face.  However that might be the case with Superstars who wear glasses outside the ring often. There are Superstars that most likely wear contacts versus glasses. 

It’s a matter of preference. Sometimes glasses are hard to keep up with especially with the Superstars’ hectic schedule. 

So who are the few and far in between who wear glasses?

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