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5 WWE Superstars who went to rehab

These 5 Superstars turned their lives around with the help of rehab.

If Angle hadn’t gone into rehab, he would never be part of the Hall of Fame

The life of a pro wrestler can be a pretty chaotic affair. With the constant travel and action, it’s easy to lose yourself and stray off the healthy road. It is a life filled with partying, alcohol and drugs which a number of wrestlers over the years have fallen victim to today.

Today, the WWE has done a better job in ensuring that the Superstars in its employ are healthy for the most part but this wasn’t always the case, especially during the Attitude Era. As young wrestlers lost themselves in the booze and the drugs, a number of them left this earth well before their time.

But, there are also those Superstars who were able to escape the clutches of their addictions and lead a healthier life. Today, we celebrate these strong souls and their inspiring stories.

So, without further ado, here are 5 WWE Superstars who went to rehab:

#5 Kurt Angle

Probably a surprising name on this list when you look at the life of Kurt Angle and how much he values discipline. The former Olympic Gold Medalist, though, has had a history of alcohol abuse that nearly derailed an amazing career in the world of pro wrestling.

Angle, a 2017 WWE Hall of Fame inductee, had a drinking problem which can be traced back to his days with the WWE. He was arrested for a DUI during his time with the promotion but declined to enter rehab as he opted to join up with TNA as his next job.

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During his time in the Impact Zone, Angle’s alcohol troubles only got worse. He was arrested a further three times before he finally admitted that he needed help and checked himself into a rehab facility.

Coming out clean after learning to deal with his demons, Angle can now rest easy knowing that he has a healthy mind to go with his incredible body and he will be inducted into the Hall of Fame this year with no black marks on his record.

We certainly hope we can see him wrestle inside a WWE ring one final time before he rides off into the sunset for good.

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