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5 WWE Superstars who were arrested for drug possession

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Jeff Hardy found himself in trouble more than once

Drug possession carries real consequences; it leaves you with a record and an unwanted reputation. For some WWE Superstars, it damaged their careers, while others had to work extremely hard to reclaim the spotlight. If anything else a drug possession charge taints careers and puts those involved in a bad light.

It is no secret that many people battle drugs, regardless of their status. You hear over time about musicians, who battle addictions and it’s no different in sport. 

WWE has a strict Wellness Policy in effect, and for the most part, Superstars do adhere to it. But once in a while someone slips and they are the subject of scrutiny and shame for weeks, even months. 

While some on the list aren’t that surprising, others raised some eyebrows. But one thing is for sure; these guys are not exempt from the law no matter how you look at it. 

Here are five WWE wrestlers who got arrested for drug possession.

#1  Rob Van Dam

Van Dam would get busted at the worst time

Van Dam is the least surprising on this list. 

It is well known that he is an advocate of marijuana, but unfortunately, it got him in trouble. 2006 saw Van Dam capture the WWE Championship for the first time, and also the beginning of an ECW revival. Van Dam was enjoying the biggest push of his career, but it came to a screeching halt just a month after he won the WWE Championship.

Van Dam was pulled over for speeding in July 2006. Sabu was travelling with him, and the officer detected the smell of marijuana emanating from the car. After searching the vehicle and the men, 18 grammes of marijuana and five Vicodin were retrieved from Van Dam, while Sabu had drug paraphernalia and nine Testolactone. 

Van Dam would end up suspended for 30 days and he was booked to lose both the WWE and ECW Championships after news of his arrest had broken.

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