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5 WWE Superstars who were never supposed to make it big in the company

Sanjay Dutta
16 Feb 2019, 01:08 IST

John Cena and Becky Lynch
John Cena and Becky Lynch

One of the many things that makes WWE fascinating is the fact that some Superstars, despite not being low on the company's totem pole, end up being huge Superstars. Vince McMahon's vision of how a WWE Superstar should be hasn't changed much ever since he took charge of his father's company. Superstars like Lex Luger, Giant Gonzalez, Alberto Del Rio, Bobby Lashley and The Ultimate Warrior (to an extent) are among the many names that the company believed would be the next big thing. But, due to some reason, these Superstars never really took the way the company would've wanted and ended up being a huge misfire.

But, over the years, there have some Superstars who have achieved megastardom despite not being in the priority list of the company. These Superstars were able to get over with the fans through their in-ring work and captivating personas. These Superstars were destined to be the next big thing in the WWE but it was either due to circumstances or sheer hardworking and determination that they have been able to reach the zenith of sports-entertainment.

Here are five WWE Superstars who were never supposed to make it big in the company.

#5 Becky Lynch

'The Man' Becky Lynch
'The Man' Becky Lynch

One of the hottest Superstars in all of wrestling today, Becky Lynch was never supposed to be 'The Man'. Sure, she was a great in-ring performer and had excellent promo skills but the company never got behind her as the top star, right from the get-go. After debuting in the main roster in 2015 as part of PCB, Lynch was mostly playing second-fiddle to her stablemates, Paige and Charlotte. Even her run in NXT wasn't anything noteworthy and she holds the notorious distinction of being the only horsewomen to have never won the NXT Women's Championship.

Lynch was a victim of the company's inconsistent booking which saw her become the inaugural SmackDown Women's Champion, only to drop the title mere months later to Alexa Bliss. The Irish Lasskicker would then have to with for over a year to finally get a crack at the title and when she did, she made a believer out of everyone.

What was initially intended to a heel turn for The Man had to scrapped and the company instead decided to turn Lynch into an absolute badass, a role in which she has excelled.

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