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5 WWE Superstars whose marriages never worked

Josh Coulson
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Stone Cold
Stone Cold has been married four times

Being fully invested as a performer in the world of professional wrestling must be a very strange way to live your life. Travelling for 300+ days a year sometimes, the majority of the time the only people you're spending time with are your colleagues.

What that means for a lot of stars is that they should really have a hard think before they become a pro wrestler. Not many Superstars manage to successfully juggle wrestling life and home life which is understandable considering the amount of time they're on the road.

What that inevitably leads to is a messy home life for many performers. The pro wrestling realm is no stranger to divorces and broken homes, and here are five stars in particular that struggled to strike up that balance between having a wife and being a WWE Superstar.

#5 Scott Hall

Scott Hall
Scott Hall has struggled with substance abuse

Scott Hall may very well be one of the only pro wrestlers to have been divorced from the same woman twice. In 1990 Hall married the woman with whom he would wind up having two children with. They would divorce in 1998, remarried a year later, then get divorced for the second time in 2001.

It's no secret that Scott has had a long and storied history of substance abuse. It was his addiction problems that caused his two divorces as the late '90s were when his drug problems began to escalate and also became public domain.

Sadly the ending of his marriage didn't stop Hall from abusing drugs and he carried on well into the 2000s. Thankfully in the present day he appears to be on the straight and narrow and is even helping his son Cody train to become a pro wrestler.

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