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5 WWE Superstars you probably forgot still work for the company

WWE employs a lot of people, so some of them are bound to be left behind.

Top 5 / Top 10 21 Mar 2017, 02:09 IST
Bo Dallas wants the crowd to Bolieve in him.
Bo Dallas is someone who WWE seems to have forgotten about

WWE employs over 100 wrestlers between Raw, SmackDown and NXT, and when you have that many people fighting for TV time, some of them are going to end up being ignored or forgotten altogether.

Some Superstars have been dealing with injuries, but others have simply been left behind. The sad part is that a few of the people who are struggling on the main roster were top stars in NXT.

Working for a large promotion always comes with the risk of not being used properly.

It’s not like working the indies where people book shows based on who is available and who will draw in more fans. WWE always has a bunch of people backstage who don’t end up doing anything that night.

Management uses a number of different factors when choosing which men and women to feature on television and which ones to use solely at live events. This slideshow will look at five Superstars you may have forgotten worked for WWE, whether it be due to an injury or simply due to not being booked.

#5 Darren Young

Darren Young has been used on and off since his team with Titus O’Neil broke up, but he has been almost completely absent from WWE programming for the last few months.

Young suffered an arm injury in January which took him out of action, but even before then, we only saw him on rare occasions with Bob Backlund by his side shouting motivational phrases at him during matches.

Young is a solid hand in the ring, but WWE doesn’t seem to know what to do with him outside of The Prime Time Players, and the same can be said about O’Neil. They were great as a team, but have struggled as individuals.

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Young’s partnership with Bob Backlund has done absolutely nothing to help his career, but that’s just because it took so long for anyone to understand what their gimmick was supposed to be.

Perhaps a stint in NXT could turn things around for him. The developmental brand is always in need of someone who can work with young talents to make sure that they are ready to be called up.

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