5 WWE tag team stars who could become future world champions

Many superstars in the tag team division are world champion material
Many superstars in the tag team division are world champion material
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Pranav Unnikrishnan

WWE has a stacked roster of world-class superstars. The athletes under their payroll are some of the best wrestlers on the planet, with all of them having the talent and ability to become world champions.

However, the industry is such that only a few ascend to the top of the mountain. An interesting thing to note is that most WWE World Champions emerge from their singles division. When it comes to booking superstars in the tag division, the company is a little conservative.

Nevertheless, fans are well aware that there are some superstars in the tag division who could fit the world champion tag like a glove. With some creative booking, the company could have a tag team star become top dog in the industry.

In that regard, here are five WWE tag team stars who could become future world champions.

#5. On our list of WWE tag team stars who are world champion material: Dominik Mysterio

Dominik could follow in his father's footsteps
Dominik could follow in his father's footsteps

Dominik Mysterio is an exciting prospect with a big future ahead of him. We think that like his father, he has the potential to become world champion.

Mysterio is sharp in the ring and exhibits a great level of skill and athleticism. His underdog character also plays perfectly into a slow-burn narrative of him overcoming all the odds en route to becoming world champion.

With some more training and guidance, Rey Mysterio's son could become a diamond of the business. He could carry forward his father's legacy and become world champion in the process.

#4. Chad Gable

Every bit of Gable screams world champion
Every bit of Gable screams world champion

Chad Gable is one of the best wrestlers in the world today. He is a prolific amateur wrestler who competed at the 2012 London Olympics and is a phenomenal athlete.

Gable has been underused by WWE ever since his arrival on the main roster. However, every time he has stepped into the ring, he has repeatedly overachieved and done some great work. He is currently one of the best parts of RAW as part of Alpha Academy alongside Otis.

The former American Alpha member's resume has three world tag team titles to his name. It is time for the company to make full use of his talents and insert him into world title contention.

#3. Xavier Woods


Two out of three members of The New Day have been world champion. Only Xavier Woods is left to win the big one, and we have no doubt he deserves it.

Woods, Kofi Kingston and Big E are all elite WWE Superstars, but the former is yet to become top dog. However, the company is keen on him, as evidenced by his singles performances and King of the Ring victory a few months ago.

The UpUpDownDown host has talent, ability and charisma in spades, and would make a great world champion. He is also a great ambassador for the company, making the decision to crown him virtually a no-brainer.

#2. Riddle

No riddles or questions, Riddle is world champion material
No riddles or questions, Riddle is world champion material

Riddle has been a revelation since his arrival in WWE. He became one of the most popular superstars on the roster and carved out a niche for himself.

Alongside Randy Orton as part of RK-Bro, Riddle has been amazing as RAW Tag Team Champion. However, everyone knows there is a top singles competitor in him. His stint in the UFC and his run as United States Champion have pretty much confirmed that he is world champion material.

The Original Bro becoming world champion has to happen at some point. When the inevitable split of RK-Bro happens, the company would be wise to give it a shot.

#1. Jey Uso


Roman Reigns' Tribal Chief character became Universal Champion in 2020. His first challenger was his tag team specialist cousin Jey Uso, who surprised everyone with his performances.

The two superstars contested two matches which were both absolute bangers. Fans were treated to what Jey could do in singles competition, and the result was a revelation that confirmed his talent and abilities.

Jey showcased stellar in-ring work and incredible promo game in his feud with Reigns. By the end of it, there was no doubt that he would make a great world champion.

We got the AEW Women's World Champion to run down the Forbidden Door Card with us here.

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