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5 WWE vs AEW feuds that would be amazing

These two companies could spawn a lot of great feuds
These two companies could spawn a lot of great feuds
Israel Lutete
Modified 13 Apr 2020, 22:44 IST
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WWE and AEW house the best wrestlers in the world right now and many fans would be thrilled at the idea of a dream feud between the top stars from both companies.

Even though AEW is a new promotion, they managed to create a buzz in the professional wrestling industry, leaving many of us wondering what it would be like if they went toe-to-toe with their biggest rival, WWE.

Yes, we know there's no way WWE and AEW would come to an agreement anytime soon to make these bouts happen, but one can still imagine, right? No wrestling fan can deny that it would be amazing to see crossover matches between these two companies, even if it's just for one night.

So, with that being said, here are five WWE vs. AEW feuds that we would love to see.

#5. Aleister Black vs. Darby Allin

What an awesome spectacle this would be
What an awesome spectacle this would be

There's a specific reason why I chose to put Aleister Black against Darby Allin on this list. There is something about these two that makes them different from other wrestlers, and I bet you can see it too. When they show up on your TV screen, you pay attention to what's going to happen.

There's something interesting about both characters, which makes both of them perfect dream opponents. Aleister Black's hard-hitting style and Allin's dare-devil stunts would lead to an entertaining match. A stipulation could be added to spice things up a little and it'll only get better from there.

Darby Allin would push his body to the limit as he always does, while Black could unleash his vicious strikes, only for the former to keep coming back up for more. The crowd will go nuts, everyone will be anticipating what's going to happen next and just when we think Darby is going to put Black away, the latter kicks Allin's head clean off his shoulders with the Black Mass and wins the bout.

It might not go down exactly like that, but hey, who would complain? Both wrestlers have been involved in a decent match before, so there's nothing new here. The video packages and the promos heading into the match will also be interesting. This feud will be too good for just one match, so the two stars could clash again but this time inside Hell in a Cell.

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Published 13 Apr 2020, 22:44 IST
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