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5 WWE Wrestlers That Have A Better Real-Life Name

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In this article, we look at 5 WWE wrestlers who have a better real-life name than ring name...
In this article, we look at 5 WWE wrestlers who have a better real-life name than ring name...

Professional wrestling is definitely cool in the way that promotions bring in relative "unknowns" (aspiring wrestlers), and with gimmicks, name changes, appearance changes among a couple other things, they end up transforming that said unknown into a Superstar.

The WWE has been great at doing this over the years, and while some fans believe the company isn't creating nearly as many stars as they once did, within the past two or three years, Vince McMahon has transformed the likes of former strongman Adam Scherr into the super popular Braun Strowman, among many other up-and-coming talent including Elias and Baron Corbin.

They are all homegrown talent who were unknown elsewhere. The WWE is all about over the top characters, gimmicks and personas, so it's no surprise that you'll rarely find a Superstar using their real-life name -- McMahon tries to give each talent a potentially profitable "brand" name.

While most name changes in sports entertainment are for the better (an example is Thomas Pestock into Baron Corbin), some wrestlers would've actually been better off using their real name -- quite surprisingly, many WWE Superstars have cooler or better real-life names than ring names.

Of course this is all a matter of opinion, but it can be guaranteed that most of you will agree with at least a couple of these entries.

With that said, let's take a look at the following 5 WWE wrestlers you didn't know have a better real-life name...

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#5 Mercedes (Sasha Banks)

Sasha Banks may be "The Boss" in WWE, but her real-life name would've definitely complimented her gimmick even better...

Sasha Banks truly lives up to her gimmick inside and outside of the ring, as Banks carries herself in a way that oozes "The Legit Boss". Sasha has the swagger to back up her over-the-top boss persona, and she has gotten over with the fans accordingly.


With that being said, while "Sasha Banks" is a fairly decent (and fitting) ring name for the former Women's Champion, you may be surprised that Sasha's real-life name Mercedes would've definitely fit into her gimmick perhaps even better.

Mercedes is one of the most expensive brands of luxury cars around, and by all means, Sasha portrays that cool badass woman who would be expected by fans to be driving such a nice, fancy car. If the WWE didn't want to utilize Sasha's full real-life name (Mercedes Ton), they could've made her on-screen name Mercedes Banks -- sounds pretty cool to me!

Regardless, it's doubtful a better name would convince Vince McMahon to give Sasha Banks more opportunities in the Women's Division, as it seems the company is dead-set on under-utilizing her now a days, unfortunately...

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