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5 WWF/WWE wrestlers who unfortunately died before they turned 35

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While Eddie Guerrero was 38 years old, his death will always be a tragedy for the WWE Universe
While Eddie Guerrero was 38 years old, his death will always be a tragedy for the WWE Universe

The world of professional wrestling is replete with examples of wrestlers who died young. A lot of it can be attributed to fatal injuries, drug addiction, and other such factors. Few academic research papers have shown that they die younger than athletes from other sports. The most common cause of their death has been cardiovascular disease.

There have been many wrestlers who died young like Ravishing Rick Rude (40) and Eddie Guerrero (38). We take a look at five WWF/WWE wrestlers who died before they turned 35.

#5 Lance Cade

Lance Cade
Lance Cade

Born in 1981, Lance Cade started his wrestling career in Japan. He gained popularity in a quick span of time, so he returned back to the USA and signed up with Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW) in 2003. He partnered with Mark Jindark as a tag team and started wrestling on Raw brand.

Trevor Murdoch and Cade formed a tag team where they posed a threat to D-Generation X. Although they were defeated by Shawn Michaels and Triple H in a street fight, the storyline became quite a hit with the fans. Most wrestling observers and commentators feel he did not get a push from WWE hence did not live up to the expectations.

Cade suffered from a heart condition and died at the age of 29 after a complication leading to cardiomyopathy. He was hugely talented but never realized his potential.

#4 Crash Holly

Crash Holly
Crash Holly

Crash Holly spent 10 years as indie-wrestler before he joined WWF in 1999. He formed a tag team with Molly Holly and Hardcore Holly, who were his kayfabe cousin. He won the WWF/WWE Hardcore Championship twenty-two times in his career.

The fans loved him for his skills and foxiness which enabled him to come out of impossible situations unharmed. He was also quite an entertaining performer in the mid-card for WWE.

The Houdini of Hardcore died due to an overdose of a prescription drug called 'carisoprodol.' He was 32 when he committed suicide.

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