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6 Controversies WWE wants you to forget

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There are many controversies Vince McMahon has tried to keep undercover
There are many controversies Vince McMahon has tried to keep undercover

The WWE, known as WWF before May 5, 2002, is the largest wrestling promotion in the world. The company currently holds over 550 events a year with a roster divided up into various globally traveling brands. Currently, the product is available to over 36 million viewers in over 150 countries around the world.

WWE is not just a huge name in wrestling anymore, but also a big name in the world of real movies, production, and many other fields.

Conducting business of such a large nature calls for a lot of controversies, which come with the evils of doing business on such a scale. Therefore, it is no secret that WWE is home to many major controversies too.

Since its inception, the company has been the center of many controversies and lawsuits which have had both negative and positive impacts on the company. The negatives are the loss of money, value, and bad publicity, while the positives include the media attention and the buildup of storylines around the controversies.

With that said, there are still many controversies around WWE which the company wants you to completely forget and wants to delete from its past. Here we have made a list of 6 such controversies with the company wants you to forget.

#6 The Steroid Scandal

Hulk Hogan spoke out about the issue
Hulk Hogan spoke out about the issue

One of the biggest scandals the WWE had to struggle with was when in 1993, McMahon was charged by the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York with routinely obtaining anabolic steroids for his wrestlers and employing a Pennsylvania urologist to administer them with drugs at the WWF headquarters at "Titan Tower" in Stamford, Connecticut.

This resulted in him temporarily ceding control of the WWF to his wife Linda. It is no secret that most wrestlers were using the drug to enhance their physiques at the time.

Hulk Hogan even testified against McMahon by admitting he got the drugs from his boss. WWE had been trying to clear up their image since then and would love for the fans to forget that the Steroid Scandal even happened.

The most recent case of steroid abuse came when Roman Reigns was supposedly linked to a $10 million steroid ring.

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